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1. What is the Reusable Bag Ordinance?
2. When did the ordinance go into effect?
3. What retailers are affected by the ordinance?
4. Are any retailers exempt from charging carryout bag fees?
5. What carryout bags are still available?
6. What about small paper bags?
7. What about thin, single-use plastic bags used in-store?
8. Can takeout food still be placed in a thin single-use plastic bag?
9. Why is there a fee for carryout bags?
10. What happens to the carryout bag fee?
11. Can retailers charge carryout bag fees for other bags?
12. Are there any exemptions to the carryout bag regulations?
13. How are low-income residents impacted?
14. What are some tips for remembering to bring reusable bags to the store?
15. How should I keep my reusable bags clean?
16. How do I recycle plastic bags?
17. How can I learn more?