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1. What is the Reusable Bag Ordinance?
2. When did the ordinance go into effect?
3. Who is affected by the ordinance?
4. What carryout bags are allowed by the ordinance?
5. What about small paper bags?
6. Can restaurants and food vendors use single-use plastic bags for takeout food?
7. Can retailers still provide thin, single-use plastic bags in-store?
8. What can retailers do with excess single-use plastic bags?
9. What is the required carryout bag fee?
10. Can retailers charge carryout bag fees for other bags?
11. What about other reusable bags that are available for purchase?
12. Is the carryout bag fee subject to retail sales tax?
13. Are there any exemptions to the carryout bag regulations?
14. Are there any exemptions to the carryout bag fee?
15. Are any retailers exempt from charging carryout bag fees?
16. What about food trucks, farmers markets, street fairs, festivals and events?
17. What are the penalties for not complying with the new requirements?
18. Will the City provide assistance to retailers?