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1. When do I need a permit?
2. When the Fire Department requires retroactive alarms, what do I need to do?
3. When will my permit be ready, and what is the status?
4. What is the structural design criteria for the City of Everett?
5. How much does a permit cost?
6. What is required to apply for a permit?
7. Do I need to hire a design professional to do the plans?
8. What are the garage or accessory building requirements?
9. How close to the property line can I build?
10. How do I get a permit for change of occupancy?
11. Can I act as my own contractor?
12. How long does it take for my permit to be reviewed & issued?
13. When will my permit expire?
14. Can I get electric power to the job site?
15. How do I get a gas service line?