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Van Valey House Rental form


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    1. Event Information

    2. Event Type

    3. Call 425-257-8300 ext. 2 to check date availability.

    4. *Must include time for set-up/decorating and take-down/clean-up

    5. (please include children)

    6. Please check "Yes" or "No" for each of the following. If you mark "Yes" to any item, please provide details under the "Event Description" below. Some items may require written authorization, additional fees, and/or proof of insurance.

    7. Is your event open to the public?*

    8. Are you advertising to the public?*

    9. Are you adveritising to the public?*

    10. Will you be serving food or beverages?*

    11. Will you be serving or selling alcohol**?*

    12. Will there be live or amplified music?*

    13. Are you hiring a third party vendor?*

      (Caterer, DJ, entertainer, etc.)

    14. Will you be decorating the facility?*

    15. Are you renting equipment from another company?*

    16. How did you hear about this facility?

    17. **Alcohol only allowed in Floral Hall, Legion Hall, Lions Hall and Van Valey House

    18. Failure to fully disclose all information or providing false information will result in the forfeiture of all fees and cancellation of the event.

    19. *Complete rules and guidelines are available online at or upon request.