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Monte Cristo Nomination Form

  1. The Monte Cristo Awards are given to neighbors who help to make Everett special by taking pride in their property. Nominations are welcomed and encouraged from all residents. Use the form to submit a nomination by July 1. Choose the category and describe why you think that property deserves recognition. Please include a photo of the street-view of the property that includes the home/business and front landscaping. Properties will be considered for their street appeal only. The Monte Cristo Award winners are selected by members of the Council of Neighborhoods, neighborhood and community volunteers and the Office of Neighborhoods.

  2. Please include a photo of the property you're nominating. The photo should include a view of the entire (or as much as possible) home/business and front landscaping. This will assist the selection committee when selecting recipients.

  3. Award Category

    Choose the category that best fits this property. For category descriptions, go to

  4. List the neighborhood where the home or business is located.

  5. Briefly describe why this property is nominated.

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