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Lost Pet Report

  1. What type of pet did you lose?*

  2. Is your pet wearing a collar?

  3. Does your pet have (please check all that apply)?

  4. Everett Animal Services provides lost and found reports for public viewing only. EAS is not liable for information contained herein or for disposition of animals that are not claimed by their owners in person within 72 hours. Please keep looking, as this report does not replace an owner coming into the shelter on a regular basis to search for their companion animals. While EAS makes every effort to help return missing animals to their homes, EAS is not responsible for notifying any person filling out a lost form if an animal matching this description is brought to the shelter. EAS staff will contact owners of animals wearing traceable identification. Lost and found reports are kept on file for approximately four (4) weeks and are not returned to the reporter. EAS is not responsible for any photographs or other items attached to the report. Thank you for your effort to help an animal in need.

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