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Everett Animal Shelter Guinea Pig Adoption Application

  1. Are their any children in the home under the age of 13 years old?*

  2. Have you ever owned a guinea pig before?*

  3. Are you looking for a:*

  4. Do you have already have a guinea pig at home?*

  5. Is your current guinea pig(s):*

  6. Do you want to adopt a:*

  7. Guinea pigs live for an average of 5-7 years. Are you ready to make that commitment? *

  8. Are you willing to take your guinea pig to the vet as needed?*

  9. Is anyone in your household allergic to animals or Timothy Hay?*

  10. Are you able to commit to caring for a guinea pig(s) for their whole life?*

    Guinea pigs are small, gentle, social creatures and can be great pets. Before adopting a guinea pig, make sure you and your family are up for the commitment. Guinea pigs live for about 5 to 7 years and need daily attention and time out of their cage. Guinea pigs need companionship and do best living in pairs. You'll need startup supplies like a large cage and food and water bowls, plus there will be ongoing expenses for high-quality food, bedding material and vet care.

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