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Clerk's Office

  1. Renew- Parking Permits

    Parking permits expire on December 31st of each year and can be renewed here. Once we receive your information we will send a new... More…

  2. Temporary Business License Application

    The application for a City of Everett temporary business license needs to be signed and returned to the City Clerk's Office at 2930... More…

  1. Special Event Application

    A special event application is required for any event involving the use or closure of a public right-of-way. You will need to fill out... More…

Code Enforcement


    Form used to submit complaints for violations of Everett Municipal Code.

  2. Request for an ADA Accommodation

    Form used for residential property owners to give the City permission to have contractor remove graffiti from private property.

Cultural Arts

  1. 2017 Capital Grant Application - Due November 21, 2016

    Cultural Arts Capital Grant Application for 2017

  2. 2017 PARADE APPLICATION - July 4th

    Application for the 4th of July Parade, in Downtown Everett (2017)

  3. Location Form For Film Permit

    Use this form to submit an application for a film permit in the City of Everett.

  4. Release and Indemnity Form 4th of July (2017)
  1. 2017 FOOD VENDOR Application - July 4th

    2017 Food Vendor Application for 4th of July Festival at Legion Memorial Park.

  2. 2017 Programming Grant Application - Due November 21, 2016
  3. Master Film Permit

    Use this form to submit an application for a film permit in the City of Everett.

  4. Release and Indemnity Form Sorticulture (2017)

Human Resources

  1. Request for Temporary Construction Noise Variance

    This is form is to request a temporary variance to allow for nighttime construction work.

Mayor's Office

  1. Community Streets Initiative & Safe Streets Feedback Form

    Share a concern or ask a question about the City's efforts to address street-level social issues in our community.

  2. Housing Forum Question

    Please submit your question regarding permanent supportive housing.

  3. Questions for the Mayor - Department Dialogues

    Anonymously leave a pre-meeting question for the Mayor.

  1. Contact the Mayor
  2. Questions for the Mayor - Community Sharing Sessions at the Library

    Anonymously leave a pre-meeting question for the Mayor

  3. Safe Streets: Low-barrier, supportive housing

    Ask a question or share feedback about low-barrier, supportive housing


  1. Monte Cristo Nomination Form

    The Monte Cristo Awards are given to neighbors who help to make Everett special by taking pride in their property. Nominations are... More…

  1. Neighborhood Grant Idea Submission

    Submit your ideas for a community project in your neighborhood!

Planning and Community Development

  1. Map Everett suggestion form

    Let us know what you would like to see on the interactive map.

Prosecutor's Office

  1. Unavailable Witness

    If you cannot attend court on the assigned day, please explain why. BE AWARE THIS DOES NOT EXCUSE YOU FROM COURT. If necessary, someone... More…

Public Works

  1. City of Everett Address Request

    For new address requests and to resolve posted addressing discrepancies for buildings and roads.

  2. Public Works Service Request

    Everett Public Works Department Service Request Email Submittal Form

  3. Request Free Supplies & Staff Assistance for Multi-Family Recycling

    This form is for multi-family residents to use to request supplies and technical assistance from the Recycling Coordinator.

  1. Inspection Request-Permit Services

    Online submittal of inspection request shortcut:

  2. Report a Traffic Concern

    Report concerns with vehicular, bike, or pedestrian traffic access.


  1. Contact the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

    Please submit questions or concerns. You will get a response from either the TAC committee chair, the City Engineer, or the City... More…