Why do landslides happen?
The City of Everett is a peninsula surrounded by high banks on the other side -- on the east (down to the river), the north (to the river/Sound), and the west (to the sound). All of the banks that surround the city have been degrading since the last ice age. That will continue to happen. Earth is moving all the time. Sometimes it is more dramatic than others.

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1. Why do landslides happen?
2. Who should I contact for information to fix drainage problems on my property?
3. How much will construction cost to fix these drainage problems?
4. Do you have a referral list of local geotechnical consultants that can provide assessments and cost estimates to fix the drainage problems?
5. Who is responsible for fixing the drainage problems that are not on my property, but are causing problems for me?
6. Do you need a permit?
7. How much will the permits cost?
8. What am I, as a property owner, allowed to do with cutting or removing vegetation on the slopes?
9. What should I do about retaining stormwater on my property? Which agency guidelines should I follow?
10. Could I be subject to liability for how I handle drainage on my property?