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Posted on: December 13, 2016

Everett neighborhoods seek ideas for projects, events and improvements

Work Party Pumphouse

EVERETT – Everett residents who want to foster a greater sense of community and enhance their neighborhoods can now submit their community project ideas online to collaborate with their neighborhood associations.

Each year, Everett neighborhood associations apply for neighborhood matching funds from the City for community projects such as neighborhood cleanups, events and park improvements (view project photos here). Each association can apply for up to $2,000 in funds annually. Residents must match the City funds with volunteer labor, donations or in-kind goods and services from the community. This year, neighborhood groups hope to hear from others in their area about projects that interest them.

“These match-funded projects are a wonderful opportunity for neighbors to come together around a common goal and improve their community,” said Jaimee Hudson, community engagement specialist. “By reaching out to the broader community, we hope to find new ideas that will engage Everett residents who may not be involved with their neighborhood yet.”

Many of these improvements, such as the Bayside Neighborhood P-Patch and “The Commons” in Valley View, have been made through matching funds and neighborhood volunteer action.

Online idea submissions will be reviewed, and voted on, by Everett neighborhood associations leaders and members, who will then collaborate with residents on proposed projects. Neighborhood associations turn in matching fund applications in January for projects during the calendar year. The 2017 applications are due Tuesday, Jan. 31.

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