Everett City Council Agenda
12:30 P.M., WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 2019
City Council Chambers


Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Approval of Minutes: July 17, 2019


Mayor’s Comments - Swear in Everett Police Officers Erich Slaybaugh and Shane Thrift


Council Comments/Liaison Reports


Administration Update on prior business


City Attorney


Public Comment


COUNCIL BRIEFING AGENDA: (These items come before the City Council serving as a Council Committee of the Whole and are likely to be scheduled at a future meeting.)


(1) Housing Strategy and Consolidated Plan Planning Process Update.


(2) CB 1907-34 – 1st Reading – Adopt the Proposed Ordinance relating to Mobile Food Unit Licensing, repealing Chapter 21 of Ordinance No. 295-74, as amended (Chapter 5.84 EMC) and amending Chapter 9 of Ordinance No. 295-74, as amended (Chapter 5.36 EMC). (3rd and final Reading on 8-7-19).

  1. CB1907-34.pdf



(3) CB 1907-33 – 2nd Reading – Adopt the Proposed Ordinance revising the definition of Stormwater Management Manual to include the effective date for new revised versions. (3rd and final Reading on 7-31-19).

  1. CB 1907-33.pdf



(4) Adopt Resolution No. authorizing claims against the City of Everett in the amount of $1,415,186.58 for the period of July 6, 2019 through July 12, 2019.

  1. res-240.pdf

(5) Adopt Resolution No. authorizing payroll claims against the City of Everett in the amount of $4,997,101.64 for the period ending July 6, 2019.

  1. payroll-153.pdf

(6) Authorize the Mayor to sign the Interlocal Agreement with Snohomish County for Sex Offender Address and Residency Verification Program Services.


(7) Authorize purchase of Library book shelving from Demco, Inc using Buyboard contract #584-19/EVT #2019-046 in the amount of $108,889.93 including Washington State sales tax.

  1. Demco.pdf

(8) Authorize the Mayor to sign the Law Enforcement Services Agreement with Global Spectrum, L.P. for Events Center Security.




(9) Authorize the Call for Bids for the Everett Station Parking Extension.


(10) Reject the bid from Ponderosa Pacific Inc as not responsible and award the construction contract for the Diversion Dam Road Phase 3 Road Reconstruction and Haybecker Creek Culvert Replacement to Weber Construction, Inc. in the amount of $419,958.00.


Executive Session



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