Everett City Council Agenda
6:30 p.m., Wednesday, APRIL 15, 2020
City Council Chambers


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes: April 8, 2020


Mayor’s Comments:


Council Comments/Liaison Reports


Administration Update on prior business


City Attorney




(1) Adopt Resolution authorizing claims against the City of Everett in the amount of $1,412,571.56 for the period of March 28, 2020 through April 3, 2020.

  1. res.pdf

(2) Authorize the Mayor to sign all necessary documents involved in the application for the FY-2020 Port Security Grant.


(3) Authorize the Mayor to sign Addendum No. 3 to the Interlocal Agreement related to the Everett Events Center as presented.


(4) Authorize the Mayor to sign the Settlement Agreement and Site Release with Safety National Casualty Corporation.


(5) Authorize the Mayor to execute Purchase and Sale Agreement for Boathouse at Port of Everett Marina for use by the City of Everett Police Department.

  1. Boathouse.pdf



(6) Authorize the Mayor to execute Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement for the sale of City owned property located at 1409 East Marine View Drive.




(7) CB 2004-25 – 1st Reading – Adopt the Proposed Ordinance relating to Domestic Violence Definitions, amending Ordinance No. 1145-85 as amended. (3rd and final reading on 4-29-20).

  1. CB 2004-25.pdf

Executive Session



Everett City Council agendas can be found, in their entirety, on the City of Everett Web Page at www.everettwa.gov/citycouncil.

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The City of Everett does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment in, its programs or activities. Requests for assistance or accommodations can be arranged by contacting the Everett City Council Office
 at 425 257-8703.