Report & Request...

  1. Backwater Valve Rebate

    The Backwater Prevention Device Rebate Program is to assist Everett property owners in the combined sewer system in reducing the risk of sewer backups and basement flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

  2. City Address Assignment

    Request City address through online form.

  3. City Staff Directory

    The Directory provides contact information for employees and departments within the City of Everett. Concerns/problems can be reported via the Contact Us section on a departments page.

  4. Code Enforcement Violations

    Everett promotes safe and desirable living & working environments for residents. Contact Code Enforcement if neighbors have trash, litter, shopping carts, broken furniture, broke down vehicles, dead & decaying trees, overgrown vegetation, graffiti or tagging visible from a street or alley.

  5. Contact the Mayor

    Contact Mayor Stephanson to invite him to a community event, give a compliment, share a concern or ask questions.

  6. Crime Tips & Online Police Reports

    The Online Reporting System is designed for citizens to provide crime tips and saves time for victims of non-emergent crimes. Crime tips are routed to the appropriate unit for processing while Online Reports are reviewed by an officer who generates and returns a case number (typically within 72 hours). Online Reports cannot be used for felonies, crimes where the suspect is known, if the crime address is unknown or if the value of something stolen/damaged exceeds $5,000.

  7. Everett Animal Services

    Everett Animal Control enforces local laws and investigates animal related incidents within the City of Everett. To request an officer respond or report an animal complaint, contact the Everett Animal Shelter at 425-257-6000.

  8. Graffiti & Tagging

    City of Everett ordinances make graffiti removal the responsibility of property owners. However, residential properties may be eligible for the Graffiti Removal Program which provides financial assistance to property owners. Contact the Graffiti Hotline (425-257-8748) or submit a complaint form.

  9. Parking Concern

    The following form provides information to the Parking Enforcement Unit about parking concerns. For after hours and weekend parking concerns, call 911 and an officer can be dispatched.

  10. Permit for Site Improvements

    Most site improvements require a public works permit(s). This includes commercial & multifamily buildings, townhouses, garages & carports, roofing, demolitions, electrical & mechanical, water & sewer, utilities and others.

  11. Public Works Service Request

    The Public Works Department is responsible for control and management of surface water quantity and quality, development and maintenance of the sewer and water systems, maintenance of streets and Utility Services billing. If you have concerns, use the reporting system or call the 24-hour emergency number at 425-257-8821.

  12. Water & Sewer Service

    Get information and pay bills online.

  13. Water Pollution

    If you observe clogged storm drains, accidental spills or anyone dumping into a storm drain, creek or other body of water in the city of Everett, call the City of Everett Public Works Department Division 24-hours a day at 425-257-8821.

  14. Street Closure for Special Events

    Find information regarding the special event application required for any event involving the use or closure of a public right-of-way.

  15. Public Records

    Request copies of City records.

  16. Noise Concern

    Learn more about Everett's noise ordinances and how to report a concern.