Street Tree Removal

Instances of Removal
A street tree may be removed when it is:
  • An extreme public nuisance   
  • Deemed hazardous
  • Infected with an epidemic insect or disease
  • Interferes with growth of a more desirable tree
Apply for Removal
To determine if a street tree meets the criteria for tree removal, a Tree Removal Permit Application needs to be filled out. Contact the Public Works Department at 425-257-8800.

Notes on Tree Removal
  • Removing a tree to enhance a view is only allowed in areas with a Parks Management Plan.
  • The removal of any tree may require that a Tree Removal Request Application be filled out and approved prior to any action taken.
  • Topping is not a recommended management practice for any tree.
Removal Process
Once a Tree Removal Request Application is received:
  1. City staff will evaluate the tree situation and application.
  2. Findings will be forwarded to the Tree Committee.
  3. The Tree Committee will recommend preservation or removal.
  4. If it is best to remove the tree, the Tree Committee will also determine who is responsible for removal costs (city or property owner).
  5. After the tree is legally removed, the city will make arrangements with the property owner to replace that tree with 1 or more trees suited for the location and situation.
It is the City of Everett’s goal to replace every tree removed with 1 or more appropriate trees, so there is no net canopy loss of our urban forest.