Plant a Tree

Proper planting is the most important thing for the long-term health and vitality of your tree.

About Planting a Tree
  • Planting is stressful for trees, so it is important to take precautions.
  • The method for planting will differ, depending on how a tree has been grown.
  • Trees need to be planted at the proper depth, and most importantly, they should never be planted too deeply.
  • The City of Everett plants trees in the fall and early spring, which improves a tree’s survival rate. This is when trees are dormant and nature can water them. We encourage citizens to do the same.
  • Planting and establishing trees is all about managing air and moisture in the soil. Manage these correctly and your trees will grow quickly following planting.
Things to Avoid
The most common causes of poor plant establishment are:
  • Over mulching
  • Over watering
  • Planting too deeply
  • Under watering
Each of these problems can lead to poor growth, a slow decline after planting or even tree death. Planting too deeply in compacted soil can also lead to very slow root development. If you plant your tree at the right depth and water it properly, your tree has a good chance of surviving!

Other Resources

For detailed instructions and illustrations on how to property plant a tree, refer to these sources: