Get a Street Tree

Planting street trees is a partnership between residential or commercial property owners and the City of Everett. As partners, the City of Everett offers free trees and help with planting those trees, as long as they are planted in the street right-of-way easement. The property owner’s role in the partnership is to care for the trees (water, weed, protection from physical damage, etc.).

City staff, a neighborhood group, or volunteers canvas various neighborhoods each year, looking for appropriate spaces where trees can be planted. Property owners have the right to accept or decline the offer to have free trees planted (with or without their assistance) in the easement area of their property. Once planted, however, the owner accepts full responsibility for the continued survival and health of the tree.

How to Get a Tree

If you are interested in getting one or more free street trees, contact:
Patrick Mitchell
Public Works Department, Street Division
3200 Cedar Street
Everett, WA 98201

You can also call 425-257-8800 or send an email.

Tree Planting Process and Guidelines

For more information, see the document Tree Planting Process (PDF).