Kid's Activities

Mosaic tile creation H-15
In addition to the playground at Legion Park there are the following activities for children.
Face Painting by Colorful Events 
  • Free Daily
June 9, Friday 3PM - 6PM
June 10, Saturday 11PM - 5PM
June 11, Sunday 11PM - 3PM

Kindergarden - Paint-a-Pot, Plant-a-Flower 

  • Free Daily
June 9, Friday 1PM - 4PM
June 10, Saturday 10AM - 4PM
June 11, Sunday 11AM - 2PM

  • Decorate a flower pot, plant a flower and take it home and watch it grow.
Animal Shelter 
  • Free
  • Stop by and visit the city's cutest pets! If you fall in love you can adopt them on the spot

Quilceda Carvers

  • Free
  • Learn the art of wood carving from experts. Youngsters color Native American carvings and older children enjoy wood-carving first hand.
  • New sandbox by the playground filled with summer fun