Getting There

Everett Transit Sorticulture Bus


Parking on festival grounds is reserved for individuals with ADA Accessible Parking Permits, (see below) so we welcome you to take the Sorticulture shuttle bus. 

PLEASE NOTE: Attendees may park for free at Everett Community College in Parking Lots H, J, K and L Fri., Sat., & Sun., June 8-10.
Once you park, hop on the shuttle bus from the pick-up zone in front of the Student Fitness Center (adjacent to Parking Lot J). The Sorticulture shuttle bus is free. Shuttles start at 9:30 daily and the last pick-up at the park is 40 minutes after closing. Service dogs are allowed on the shuttle, all other dogs must have a muzzle.
At the festival, HOUSING HOPE has an attended package pick-up zone so you may leave your heavy or numerous purchases at the festival and return with your car to pick them up. 

Animals on the shuttle
Everett Transit allows animals on the bus. Dogs must be on a leash and have a muzzle that covers the mouth and is secured behind the head while on the bus. Please be courteous and do not allow your animals to disturb other customers. Pets must be kept on your lap or on the floor of the bus; animals may not occupy a customer seat.

Owners must control their animals at all times and clean up after them. Except for dogs, all animals must be in an approved carrier. Animals not in an approved carrier will not be allowed on the bus.

Service or guide animals are allowed on all Everett Transit buses. Under the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals must be harnessed, leashed or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal or other effective controls. 

Strollers & Shopping Carts
To ensure the safety of our customers, strollers and shopping carts should be no more than 22” wide x 24” deep and be free from items hung on the outside.

As required by the ADA, the driver will request you relocate to accommodate a customer with a disability. It may be necessary for you to fold your stroller or grocery cart to keep the aisle clear.

Note: Bus operators may refuse to transport animals or large carry-on items if safety is a concern.

ADA Parking at Legion Park
There is a limited number of ADA permit parking spots at Legion Park (145 Alverson Blvd.) the parking fills up quickly. Rangers may ask you to come later in the day as spots will open up.  People can be dropped off and the driver can take the car to the shuttle location. 

Tour or Motor Coach Drop-off
Please use the Everett Transit shuttle stop at 145 Alverson Blvd to drop off your guests.  There is not room to turn around inside the park.  Please follow the directions of the Everett Police Officer at the park entrance.  You can park your coach at Everett Community College in lots J, K, H & L until it is time to return to the park and pick your guests using the same drop-off location. 

Bike Parking
Sharing Wheels volunteers will host free, valet bike parking at Everett's Sorticulture Garden Arts Festival Friday, June 8 through Sunday, June 10. Secure bike parking makes riding to the event easy for families and anyone who wants hassle-free access to Legion Park and peace of mind while you shop. The staffed bike corral is open all hours of the event, near the entrance to the park on Alverson Blvd. Leave your bike and accessories without worry while you enjoy the event. 

Safe riding routes include Grand Avenue or Colby to Alverson from the south, and the Mill Town Trail which runs adjacent to Marine Drive in north Everett. This service is sponsored by Everett Transit. 

Sorticulture Parking & Bus Location

Visit Everett Transit's webpage for more details and a map of the route.

Directions to Parking

Directions from Downtown Everett

  1. Travel north on Broadway to Tower Street, then turn left on Tower for Lots H and J or turn right on Tower for Lots K and L.
  2. Catch the Sorticulture Shuttle from the pick-up zone adjacent to Lot J.

Directions from the North (Southbound on I-5)

  1. Take Exit 198 and follow Highway 529 south into Everett as it becomes Broadway Avenue North. At Tower Street turn right to park in Lots H and J or turn left on Tower to park in Lots K and L.
  2.  Catch the Sorticulture Shuttle from the pick-up zone adjacent to Lot J. 

Directions from the South (Northbound on I-5)

  1. Take Exit 195 and turn left onto East Marine View Drive
  2. Go 1/2 mile to 16th Street and turn left.
  3. Follow 16th Street to Broadway
  4. Turn right onto Broadway and continue north to Tower Street. Turn left on Tower to park in Lots H and J or turn right on Tower for Lots K and L
  5.  Catch the Sorticulture Shuttle from the pick-up zone adjacent to Lot J.

Directions from Westbound U.S. Highway 2

  1. Head West on the U.S. Highway 2 from Lake Stevens / Snohomish
  2. Take the exit toward Hewitt Avenue / Everett
  3. Turn Right on Walnut Street
  4. Turn left heading west on Everett Avenue
  5. Turn right heading north on Broadway (9 Blocks from Walnut Street)
  6. Continue north on on Broadway to Tower Street. Turn left on Tower to park in Lots H and J or turn right on Tower to park in Lots K and L.
  7. Catch the Sorticulture Shuttle from the pick-up zone adjacent to Lot J.