Rain Gardens

Anatomy of a Rain Garden

Want to tour local rain gardens?

Check out our Green Garden, Green Home Flyer (PDF).

Why Install a Rain Garden?

Rain gardens are a great, low-maintenance alternative to a lawn. Rain gardens can be shaped and sized to fit your yard, provide habitat for local wildlife and pollinators, recharge groundwater and can assist with some drainage issues that you may experience on your property.

Rebate Program

Are you an Everett resident interested in installing a rain garden? The City of Everett offers a $2,500 rebate to homeowners who install an approved rain garden. The rebate program has an annual timetable based on installing a new rain garden in the fall. We kick off the rebate program with informational workshops in the early part of the year. Join our mailing list to receive updates on our program offerings. Contact Apryl Hynes or 425-257-8992.

Learn about the rebate timetable and where local rain gardens are that you can tour with our Rain Garden Brochure (PDF).

Workshop Dates 2017

Rain Garden Rebates (PDF)

Come learn about rain gardens and how you can take advantage of this program by attending one of these hour-long workshops.
Tues, Mar 7 6:30 p.m. Everett Public Library – 2702 Hoyt Ave
Sat, Mar 18 10:00 a.m. Everett Public Works – 3200 Cedar St
Thurs, Mar 23 7:00 p.m. Eisenhower Middle School – 10200 25th Ave SE

How Much is the Rebate?

The rebate will cover up to $2,500 of project costs. Each rain garden is unique so project costs vary from garden to garden. The rebate may not cover 100% of the installation cost.

Please be sure to read through the information below to see how to qualify for the rebate program. You can also request a hard copy of the application, the Rain Garden Handbook for Western WA or the rebate packet at 425-257-8992 or by email.

Rain Garden Documents

Application Checklist (PDF)
Soil Infiltration Test (PDF)
Rebate Checklist 2017 (PDF)
Statement of Function (PDF)
Rebate Forms (PDF)

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions 2017 (PDF)
Steps to Receive a Rebate 2017 (PDF)
Sample Maintenance Agreement 2017 (PDF)
List of Rain Garden Professionals (PDF)