Let it Rain GSI Program

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Slow it, Spread it, Filter it & Soak it in

Slow it, Spread it, Filter it, and Soak it in
What is the Let it Rain program?
The Let it Rain program utilizes green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) techniques to assist homeowners in managing rainwater on their property.
Stormwater from large storms can flood homes, cause sewer overflows and erode hillsides and stream banks. When you use GSI program components you help it to slow, spread, filter and soak in.
Program Components
        1. Downspout Disconnection
        2. Rain Barrel Sales
        3. Rain Gardens
Rain Water - Use it or Lose it
No matter where you live in Everett, managing rainwater on your property can benefit you, your home, the surrounding neighborhood and ultimately Puget Sound. 
How to Get Started
View our information on Rain GardensRain Barrels and Downspout Disconnection.