Institutional Overlay Zones

The purpose of the institutional zone is to allow for various institutional land uses with special needs and impacts to be located in the Everett community in a manner which is compatible with surrounding land uses through a master plan review process which requires public involvement and provides predictability to the institution and the public.

The institutional zone is intended to allow for the establishment, expansion, and revision of institutional uses including, but not limited to, colleges, schools, hospitals, government facilities, and social services located in use zones where such uses are not already listed as permitted uses. Such uses and closely related uses ancillary to the principal institutional use shall be established through the master plan review process.

The institutional zone shall be established only in conjunction with a master plan which generally specifies the parameters for development of the property. The institutional zone and master plan shall be reviewed through a public process using the review process described in Title 15, Local Project Review Procedures. Either the sponsoring institution or the city may initiate the establishment of an institutional overlay zone.

The institutional overlay zones in the City include Everett Community College and Providence Hospital.

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