Zoning Code

Rethink Zoning

Rethink Zoning was multi-year initiative to update and simplify the City’s zoning code.  

Plan and Code Amendments (effective 11/24/20)

On November 4th, the Everett City Council approved the package of Rethink Zoning amendments to the comprehensive plan and Everett Municipal Code. The adopted codes and other background documents can be found in our Rethink Zoning Library. Maps can be found in our Maps library.   The adopted codes and maps will be effective on November 24, 2020.

The adopted ordinance amended Title 2 (Chapter 2.96, Historical Commission), Title 13 (Chapter 13.68, Street Construction and Private Construction), Title 15 (Local Project Review Procedures), Title 18 (Land Division), Title 19 (Zoning) and Title 20 (Chapter 20.04, Environmental Policy).  

The Zoning Code Chapters listed below will remain in effect until November 24, 2020.  

The City's land-use regulations can be found in Title 2.23, Land Use Hearing Examiner; Title 15, Local Project Review Procedures; Title 18, Land Division; Title 19, Zoning; and Title 20.04, Environmental Policy in the Everett Municipal Code (EMC).

Title 19, Zoning Code Chapters