Riverfront Redevelopment

Riverfront Redevelopment is an ongoing effort to reclaim former industrial land into a mixed-use commercial/residential neighborhood with significant environmental restoration and public recreation amenities. Polygon Northwest, developer of the site, is presently at different stages in the development of each of the three principal sites that constitutes the Riverfront Redevelopment.

Simpson Pad

On August 24, 2016, City Council granted final plat approval for the Overlook at Riverfront which is the first phase of the Simpson site subdivision.  This is the first of three phases to develop a total of 235 single-family homes.  It includes creation of the first 70 lots along with supporting infrastructure and landscaping.  

Eclipse Mill Town Homes

A briefing before City Council was held on August 17, 2016 for the 190 townhouse subdivision located on the Eclipse Mill site.  

Landfill Site

The Landfill site constitutes the core of the Redevelopment Area and will support as much as one million square feet of commercial space as well as additional residential development. Polygon has not yet applied for approvals for specific development.

Background Documents

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