Relicensing Assistance Program

If you have a suspended driver's license and have been cited for the infraction "No Valid License with Identification" you are eligible to participate in our Relicensing Assistance Program (RAP).

  • RAP can assist you in getting a valid Washington Driver’s License
  • Entering the RAP and getting a valid license can reduce the fine on a traffic infraction for No Valid Operators License with ID.
  • RAP is a voluntary program.
  • If you have been cited with the infraction No Valid Operators License with ID, and wish to enter RAP to reduce the fine; you need to file a Mitigation hearing with the court (see citation for instructions) & contact our office: 
            Friendship Diversion-City of Everett
            3015 Colby Avenue, Suite 250 
            Everett, WA 98201