Reduction Program

The City has made significant progress in reducing combined sewer overflows (CSO) during the first 20 years of the CSO Reduction Program. The annual CSO volume has been reduced by 95% since 1987. The 1987 CSO Control Plan which was approved by the Department of Ecology in March of 1988 recommended construction of a series of projects to convey increased volume of combined sewage to the Everett Water Pollution Control Facility on Smith Island.

Control Projects
The City has constructed all the CSO control projects for the Snohomish River combined sewer outfalls and for the north Port Gardner Bay combined sewer outfalls.  Design for the final control project for south Port Gardner Bay combined sewer outfalls was completed in 2008. This project is called the Bond Street CSO Control Facilities and must be operational by 2017.
Interim Stormwater Control Policy
The City of Everett Public Works Department has adopted an interim policy for stormwater control (PDF), effective January 31, 2011. This policy is applicable to the combined storm / sanitary system in the northern portion of Everett.