About Westmont

Westmont is largely multi-family housing including condos and apartments. It is home to Walter E. Hall Golf Course, the city's only skate park and Kasch Park sporting fields. It is very close to Evergreen Way shopping areas and large businesses including the Boeing Company and Fluke Corporation.


North - Highway 526
East - Evergreen Way West to 4th Avenue West, South to 90th Street South West
South - 90th Street South West to South boundary of Walter E. Hall Golf Course
West - Airport Road

Meeting Information

Westmont and Holly Neighborhoods

are getting active again. All are welcome to attend the neighborhood meetings. The first meeting was held on May 15, with plans to meet again soon.  Please contact the Office of Neighborhoods at 425-257-8717 for more information and to get on the mailing list. 

Casino Road Stakeholders

The Westmont neighborhood is home to the Casino Road Stakeholders, a coalition of residents, non profit agency and faith based representatives, school staff, law enforcement, apartment managers and the Office of Neighborhoods.  The Casino Road Stakeholders meet monthly to share information and collaborate on community improvements that create more opportunities, reduce crime, and make the neighborhood a better place.  Contact the Office of Neighborhoods for more information. 425 257-8717