The Investigations Division works to bring to justice all those who, by their deeds, would attempt to bring harm to our community. Investigators work closely with victims of crimes and local prosecutors.

The Investigations Division is divided into separate units that follow-up on major incidents and prepare cases for presentation in court.

Contact the division for general investigations questions.
  1. Collision Investigation
  2. Criminal Intelligence
  3. Financial Crimes
  4. Forensic Imaging
The Collision Investigation Unit investigates all traffic collisions to their logical conclusion. These include: traffic fatalities, vehicular homicides, vehicular assaults, felony hit & runs and collisions that need reconstructing for civil proceedings purposes.
  1. Major Crimes
  2. Property Crimes
  3. Special Assault
The Major Crimes Unit investigates all violent crimes against persons to include the investigation and management of missing person’s cases, runaway youth and inactive homicide files. This unit deals with crimes of violence to include: homicide, robbery, assaults, harassment and other cases.

Select detectives in this unit participate on the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team (SMART) which is a team of investigators, evidence technicians, records specialists, and public information officers from various Snohomish County law enforcement agencies and Washington State Patrol who respond to and investigate police use of force incidents.