Points of Interest

Port Gardner is unique in that it encompasses not only distinct, historical residential areas, but also waterfront access, retail districts on Colby, Hewitt, Pacific and Broadway, and a wide variety of restaurant choices.


Everett Station, located at 3201 Smith Avenue, is the primary transportation hub for Snohomish County and serves as the point of departure for travelers going by bus or train.


Nature-lovers can enjoy touring the Forgotten Creek Ravine off of Bond Street, a neighborhood-sponsored restoration project. From there, it’s only a short walk to the newly-opened Pigeon Creek Trail that leads to the beach.


From the Warren Street outlook on Rucker Hill, visitors can enjoy sweeping views of Port Gardner Bay, Hat Island, and Camano Island. It is a popular spot for catching sight of spectacular sunsets.


The Historic Monte Cristo Hotel is located at 1507 Wall St. in downtown Everett. It is home to the Arts Council of Snohomish County, Center for the Arts, Smashed Tomatoes Italian cafe and residential housing on upper floors.