Crime-Free Rental Housing

Federal fair-housing laws apply nationwide but individual states govern most rental relationships through landlord-tenant laws which laws define the balance between the rights of rental owners to control, protect and benefit from their investments and the rights of tenants to control, protect and enjoy their privacy.

Landlords pay a high price for criminal activity on their property through declining property values, property damage, vacancies and the expense of utilizing the eviction process. On the other hand, landlords can be rewarded with a stable and satisfied tenant base when they apply consistent rental standards during the application process.

Everett’s Crime-Free Rental Housing Program (CFRH) is a 3-phase-certification program for rental properties of all sizes.

Phase I 
8 hours of classroom training by field experts. The information is designed to reduce criminal activity within rental communities and includes both civil and criminal topics.

  • Applicant screening
  • Management responsibilities
  • Rental agreements
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug activity
  • Gang activity
  • Sex offenders
Phase II 
A rental property inspection to assess physical security and general appearance to provide a safe living environment with the following minimum standards:
  • Landscaping complying with CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles
  • Visible address numbering
  • Single cylinder deadbolts on exterior door
  • High security strike plates (2 to 3-inch screws)
  • Anti-lift / slide devices on windows and sliding doors
  • 180 degree eye viewers installed on front door
Phase III
Promotes the landlord's work through a community event sponsored by management designed to bring neighbors together. The event informs tenants of their rights and responsibilities to prevent crime and make their community better.

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