Water System

97706-2 Spada
In the last century, the Everett water system has grown from a simple localized system for the residents of Everett to a vital regional water provider. The Everett water system now supplies water to about 600,000 people or 80 percent of the businesses and residents of the Snohomish County through a network of local water providers.
Everett Water Service Area Map (PDF)
Drought Response Plan (PDF)

Water Quality

Tests confirm Everett’s water is safe to drink http://www.doh.wa.gov/CommunityandEnvironment/DrinkingWater/Alerts/RecentAlerts

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View the 2014 Amendment to the 2007 Comprehensive Water Plan (PDF)

Facilities & Characteristics
Major facilities and characteristics of the Everett water system include the following
  • Spada Reservoir – 50 billion gallon capacity
  • Chaplain Reservoir – 4.5 billion gallon capacity
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plant at Chaplain Reservoir – 132 million gallons per day (MGD) Department of Health approved flow rate
  • 4 Water Transmission Lines that can deliver 200 MGD
  • 4 Pump Stations
  • 19 Pressure Zones
  • 15 Storage Facilities – Ranging from 100,000 gallons to 24 million gallons in capacity
  • 370 Miles of Distribution Pipelines
Water Rights
Today, Everett has water rights for 255 million gallons of water per day (MGD) from the Sultan River system and a pending water right application for an additional 129 MGD. By maintaining a strong, working partnership with the utility’s wholesale customers, Everett is well poised to meet the water needs of our community for the foreseeable future.