Applications & Handouts

Our new Online Permitting Portal is now accepting Boundary Line Adjustments, preapplication meeting requests, nonconforming building and use certifications, tree removal for hazardous trees in critical areas, and zoning verification letter requests. All other land use applications can be applied for at the Permit Services Counter by downloading the applications below. If you need to speak to our planner on duty, please contact us at 425-257-8731 or by email.

Mailing List Update

The mailing list requirement to notify property owners within 150 feet for Review Process II applications is temporarily increased to 300 feet until City offices are reopened.

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Applications / Handouts In Person / By Mail Online
Accessory Building PDF  
Accessory Dwelling Unit PDF  
Accessory Dwelling Unit Checklist PDF  
Airport Compatibility Handout PDF  
Antenna and Building Appurtenances PDF  
Appeal Administrative Decision PDF  
Appeal SEPA Decision PDF  
Billboard Application PDF  
Binding Site Plan PDF  
Boundary Line Adjustment PDF ONLINE
Building Height Handout PDF  
Building Modulation PDF  
Comprehensive Plan Map and Rezone Amendment PDF  
Comprehensive Plan and Code Text Amendment PDF  
Critical Area PDF  
Design Modification for BMU, E-1, MUO PDF  
Design Modification CRA or Chapter 15 PDF  
Design Review PDF  
Endangered Species Act Checklist  PDF  
Fence Handout PDF  
Fence Height Modification PDF