Filming in Everett

7 minutes

The City of Everett invites you to bring your next film to Everett. If you are scouting locations or need more information, please contact Carol Thomas at 425-257-7101.
 Advantages of Filming in Everett

  • The Mayor’s Film Initiative allows for no permit fees, cooperation of City of Everett departments, and a full-service film office.
  • Save time with a streamlined permit process, which includes 1 meeting with representatives from transit, traffic, fire, police, parks and the film office to ensure a smooth and easy shooting process.
  • There is less traffic and more accessibility in our downtown corridor than in Seattle. This means fewer hassles, better parking, and an easier time with street closures and traffic control.
  • Warehouse space is less expensive.
  • We have a variety of landscapes, vistas and architectural styles.
  • We have less rain than Vancouver and New York City.