Sewer System Improvements M, Phase 2

Construction Schedule—Updated January 17, 2017

Phase 2 is being constructed by KLB Construction and is expected to be completed by June 2017. The sequence and timing of the work is currently scheduled as follows:
  • Sewer on Rockefeller from 17th Street to 15th Street, done
  • Sewer in alley between Rucker and Hoyt from 17th Street to 19th Street, done
  • Sewer in alley between Colby and Wetmore from 17th Street to mid-1800 block, done
    (alley paving to occur soon)
  • Storm drain on Rucker from 15th Street to 19th Street, Dec 6 to Feb 24
  • Storm drain on 19th Street from Rucker to Hoyt, Feb 27 to Mar 24
  • Storm drain on 18th Street from Rucker to Hoyt, Mar 27 to Apr 7
  • Storm drain on Colby from 16th Street to 18th Street, Apr 10 to Apr 21
  • Sewer forcemain on 17th Street from Grand Avenue to Wetmore, Apr 25 to May 15
  • Storm drain on Wetmore from 16th Street to 19th Street, May 16 to Jun 8
  • Final restoration and cleanup, Jun 9 to Jun 30

Restoration work (street or alley paving, sidewalks, ADA curb ramps, landscaping or lawn repair etc.) will generally be done on an ongoing basis during the remainder of the project.  The schedule is subject to adjustment based on weather conditions, or other unexpected complications.  Residents will be notified in advance of street or alley paving activities and related vehicle access and parking restrictions.  Also, utility construction activities are underway at other locations related to gas main relocations by PSE.  Drivers and pedestrians should be alert for traffic control signs and flaggers throughout the project area.

View the Phase 2 Map (PDF).

Address Basement Flooding Problems

The primary objective of Sewer M phases 1 and 2 are to address chronic basement flooding problems mainly in the vicinity of Colby and Hoyt avenues and 15th Street but also in other locations nearby. New storm drainage pipes are being extended and catch basin inlets constructed at most intersections throughout this project. This new storm drainage network effectively separates stormwater runoff from the sewer collection system. In addition, the City is asking homeowners to disconnect rain gutter downspouts from their side sewer pipe wherever possible. Learn more about the downspout disconnect program.

Replace Old Sewers

In addition, many existing sewers, manholes, storm drain structures and side sewers in this area are very old and deteriorated or undersized and should be replaced soon. Most of these collection sewers are located in alleys.

Control Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO)

An existing CSO pipe at 15th Street and Grand Avenue that periodically conveys excess wet weather flows from the neighborhood collection sewers to Port Gardner, was damaged by a landslide that occurred in the December 2012 to January 2013 timeframe and needs to be abandoned. The City will be replacing that CSO pipe and another old pipe at 14th Street by constructing a new utility bridge at 16th Street extending across the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail yard and West Marine View Drive. Several pipes will be installed on the bridge to convey stormwater, combined sewer overflows and pumped sewage from the marina area. The utility bridge will also have improvements for pedestrian use. View the Grand Ave Park Bridge web page.

Community Project Liaison

The City of Everett is providing a full-time construction/community project liaison (CPL). This person will be the primary contact person responsible for addressing the needs of residents, businesses, etc. affected by the construction project activities. The CPL's role is intended to provide a single, responsive point of contact for the public who will be readily accessible by telephone or in person during normal business hours and during all hours of work throughout the duration of the project.
If you have questions related to construction schedule, parking, traffic, dust/noise issues etc. related to KLB contractor's activities contact Laurie Purcell at 425-977-3003 or email.

The City of Everett's Construction Inspector for this project, Mike Nguyen can be reached at 425-257-4562 or email.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) 

Everett's Let it Rain GSI programs.

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