Award History

Together with a committee of Everett residents, the Office of Neighborhoods established the Monte Cristo Awards in 1994 in order to recognize home or business owners who took pride in the upkeep of their property. In 2014, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Monte Cristo Awards.

Launching the Project

The idea began when 3 members of the Council of Neighborhoods were inspired to develop the award after attending a national Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) conference. They collaborated to develop the criteria and methods for selecting winners. Marian Krell, Director of the Office of Neighborhoods at that time, worked with the 3 residents to launch the award project.

Creating the Categories

The 3 award categories were developed:

  • Neighborhood Friendly Business
  • Pride of the Neighborhood
  • Rejuvenation and Transformation

The Director’s Award was also established recently to honor prior winners who have continued their efforts to create exceptionally attractive homes and landscapes. This award was renamed in honor of the late Marian Krell who was instrumental in creation of the Monte Cristo Award.

Honoring the Winners

A committee formed by the Council of Neighborhoods chooses award winners and helps plan and host the awards ceremony each October. The ceremony includes a presentation of photographs of the winners’ homes or businesses. The Mayor and City Council members present plaques and certificates to winners.