The Planning Department promotes the community’s vision to accommodate quality growth, consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code.  The department includes Long Range and Land Use Planning, and Historic Preservation.


To speak to a planner please call 425-257-8731 or email us at


Home Occupation Code Amendment

The Everett City Council held virtual public meetings in August and September to consider an update to the Unified Development Code home occupation regulations.  Select this link for more information.

Chapter 19.06 Lots, Setbacks and Residential Densities Code Amendment

Planning Commission will hold an online public hearing on proposed regulatory amendments to Everett Municipal Code 19.06 Lots, Setbacks and Residential Densities.  Select this link for more information.  

Comprehensive Plan Annual Docket

The City of Everett has received applications for proposed amendments to the Everett Comprehensive Plan and related zoning changes.  Select this link for more information. 

September Hearing Examiner Hearings

A public hearing before the City's Land Use Hearing Examiner for a shoreline substantial development permit for the Port of Everett Terminal Storage Yard at 2600 Federal Avenue was held on September 2, 2021.  The Land Use Hearing Examiner Decision was issued on September 23, 2021.  Select this link for more information.

  1. Notice of Public Hearing & Determination of Non-Significance

    Chapter 19.06 - Lots, Setbacks and Residential Densities code amendment proposed Additional Info...
  1. Notice of Application and Public Hearing

    Proposal to rebuild an existing covered deck. . . Additional Info...
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