Neighborhood Grants

Everett residents who want to foster a greater sense of community can collaborate with their neighborhood association to apply for City funds to enhance their neighborhoods. 
Everett neighbors build better parks, host National Night Out events, improve communication, and much more through these matching funds. Many community improvements have been made through grant-funded neighborhood volunteer action. What's your idea?
How much money is available?
Each neighborhood can apply for up to $2000 in funds annually.  Residents must match the city funds with volunteer labor, donations or in kind goods and services from the community.

How can I apply for funds?
If you have a great idea to enhance your neighborhood, find out if there is broad community support. Next, work with your neighborhood association to prepare an application describing your idea, the budget and how you will match the city funds. 
Projects are discussed and voted on by neighborhood associations before the applications are submitted to the City for approval.
When do applications get submitted?
Neighborhood groups turn in applications in January for projects during the calendar year.