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Everett City Council launches neighborhood liaison assignments in 2017

In an effort to reach out to, engage and strengthen relationships with all Everett neighborhoods, the Everett City Council is launching neighborhood council liaison assignments in 2017.

Council liaisons will attend neighborhood meetings as they are able and be available to the neighborhoods as a resource and a connection back to the full council.

Each neighborhood has an Everett City Council liaison. View 2017 council neighborhood liaison assignments 

Be Cool!  Support Your School! 

 In early August, neighborhood leaders met with Everett public school principals and assistant principals to develop ideas to strengthen connections between schools, student families and the neighborhoods around them.
What we learned -- Volunteer tutors, mentors and donors can make all the difference to student success. Many families find they don't have all the supplies they need and teachers are preparing their classrooms on limited budgets. Donations of basic supplies or volunteer time to mentor a student or help in a classroom can make a big impact!
Want to help? Contact your local school to ask how to improve student success and build connections and community. Become an Everett Public Schools volunteer.

Monte Cristo Nomination Time!

Neighbors all over town are starting to spruce up their yards and prepare for spring. So when you are out and about, be sure to make note of homes and properties that are starting to look enticing.  They just might turn out to be great Monte Cristo nominees. 
Look for street appeal and eye catching plants and landscapes, colorful flowers, well maintained houses, and that little something extra that makes that home's appearance "pop"! 
You can nominate on line or pick up a nomination form from the Everett Public Library, the Public Works office or PUD.
The Office of Neighborhoods works to enhance residential quality of life in the City of Everett through 19 neighborhood associations. Through improved communication and coordination, the Office of Neighborhoods:
  • Creates a positive working relationship between the City and its neighborhood residents
  • Facilitates communication between neighborhoods regarding common concerns
  • Fosters cooperation and consensus among diverse interests within neighborhoods