Save Water: regional chlorine shortage

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June 24, 2021 update:

The facility that manufactures the chlorine used in Everett’s drinking water treatment process has replaced the failed transformer and is fully operational again. This is very good news for water utilities in the region and for all water customers.

Everett’s water supply continues to be abundant and safe to use and drink. The water utility remains in a readiness state, closely monitoring water use and chlorine supply. We anticipate that it may take a couple of weeks before the supply chain is fully restored. With high temperatures forecast for the coming week, Everett appreciates our customers continuing to be mindful of their water use and conserving water when they can.


Everett Water Utility, and our partners at Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), Tacoma Public Utilities, and the Department of Health (DOH) are addressing a situation impacting the supply of chlorine products used to treat drinking water.

What led to the shortage

Water utilities across the region, including Everett, are dealing with a disruption in the supply of a chemical used to disinfect drinking water. A manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine), a key chemical used in our water treatment process, has experienced an equipment failure, which has temporarily halted production. They are working to repair their facility and all indications are that they’ll be able to resume production in a timely fashion.

What you can do

Being mindful of our water use and conserving when possible can help our existing supplies of chlorine last longer. There are many simple ways you can help.  Visit for tips and free household water conservation items.

Stay informed

Visit Tacoma Public Utilities, Seattle Public Utilities, or the Department of Health (DOH) to learn more about the regional response to the shortage.  Visit to learn more and receive updates by subscribing to Everett’s Water Utility Chlorine Supply newsflash.