Silver Lake trail project

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The purpose of the Silver Lake trail project is to improve recreational opportunities and pathways around Silver Lake so people of all abilities can safely enjoy it by creating an accessible, connected recreational route all around the lake. This project will provide a continuous hard-surfaced, multi-use trail around Silver Lake that provides accessibility to all Everett community members.

Proposed scope of work

Much of the Silver Lake perimeter already features hard-surfaced trails. This project will create new sections of trails and improve existing sections to provide a continuous hard-surfaced, multi-use, accessible trail around Silver Lake. Project elements will include:

  • Trail alignment around the perimeter of Silver Lake
  • Address stormwater issues within Thornton A. Sullivan Park
  • Address erosion issues within Thornton A. Sullivan Park
  • Provide ADA accessibility
  • Provide as much public access adjacent to the lake shoreline as possible

Proposed timeline

  • Public outreach and input: starting November 2020 – spring 2021
  • Construction: fall 2021 – spring 2022
  • Construction phase II (additional trail improvements): completed - end of 2022

Maps and documents

Proposed Silver Lake trail map