2021 budget process timeline

Creating the annual budget is nearly a year-long process that involves the community, the mayor, city staff and city council. Working together as a community helps create a City budget that is balanced, responsible and supports the important services provided to Everett’s residents and businesses.

View the image and table below for more details about the 2021 budget timeline and opportunities to get involved.

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budget timeline

Detailed timeline

2020 DATE

Feb. 26

Council retreat

Structural deficit and current five-year forecast, alternative service delivery and funding options. Watch the recording.

April 22

Council update

2019 year-end wrap up, estimated COVID-19 financial impact 2020 and 2021, budget development. Watch the recording.

June 24

Council briefing/public input

May financial report, balancing list update, review forecasting, 2021 budget calendar and initial overview. Watch the recording.

July 22

Council briefing/public input

2021 budget update, revenue forecast update, budget amendment #2 briefing. Watch the recording.

Aug. 5Council budget subcommittee meeting2021 budget public input, FTEs and more. View the agenda.

Aug. 13Q&A with CassieBudget Q&A Facebook Live event with Mayor Cassie Franklin. Watch the recording.

Aug. 19

Council briefing/public input

Discussion of balancing options for 2021 budget. Watch the recording.

Sept. 2

Council briefing

Balancing list

Sept. 16

Mayor's 2021 proposed budget presented to Council

City Council: 2021 revenue & expense workshop

Sept. 21

Proposed line item 2021 budget submitted to Clerk’s office and City Council members

Oct. 14

Proposed budget distributed to City Council and posted to city’s public facing website

Oct. 14, 21, 28

City Council briefing/public Input

Adoption of 2021 property tax ordinance (three readings)

Oct. 28Public hearing at City Council

Proposed budget; department heads available for questions

Nov. 4

Mayor presents proposed final 2021 budget to Council

Nov. 4City Council briefing/public InputContinued public input at City Council for 2021 budget

Nov. 11

Public hearing at City Council

Continued public input at City Council for 2021 budget

If approved, adoption of 2021 budget ordinance (three readings)

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