The Everett Fire Department is responsible for providing the public with information. The following is a list of topics covered by this page:

  • 2020 Fire Prevention Week - Oct 4th to 10th
  • Car Seat Laws
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Home Fire Escape Plans

2020 Fire Prevention Week

October 4th through the 10th is all about Fire Safety in the Kitchen! This year, on top of helpful information to keep your family safe, there is a coloring page and home scavenger hunt. The below documents can help your family be safer while in the kitchen, and have a good time.

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2020 Fire Prev Week

Fire Station Tours

Although we currently aren't allowing in person station tours, due to health and safety, we want to share a tour of a fire station with you.

Car Seat Laws

January 2020 saw a effective change to car seat laws with RCW 46.61.687. The below document highlights the main changes parents and guardians should review to make sure their child is safe and in compliance with the new laws.

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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a big part of prevention that should be regularly maintained. The below document contains safety tips and facts about smoke alarms. There is also a document outlining steps to take with the Red Cross to obtain free smoke alarms if needed.

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Home Fire Escape Plan

Another way to stay safe is to have a Home Fire Escape Plan. Below is a document with a checklist and grid to make one.

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