Bay Wood Shoreline Restoration and Redevelopment Project

Hearing Examiner Issues Decision

The Port of Everett is requesting a shoreline substantial development permit for a shoreline restoration and redevelopment project. The proposal requests a stream and wetland buffer reduction for upland development of the current vacant lot to construct an approximate 265,000 square foot building with heights between 35 to 48 feet that will be used as a non-water dependent or related distribution, manufacturing, and office facility with associated infrastructure, with a public access trail within the north shore shoreline buffer.

Public Hearing

The City of Everett Hearing Examiner held a public hearing on May 7, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.  At the conclusion of the public hearing, a post-hearing submission schedule was established.

Remote Public Meeting Guidelines and Procedures

The City of Everett uses Microsoft TEAMS to conduct public meetings.  The public can access via phone, or online using the TEAMS App.  

Via Phone:

To listen to the public hearing, call the conference call line (425-616-3920) and enter the ID# (773 175 684#) of the meeting.  All external calls will be muted during the presentations. Once the Hearing Examiner opens the period for public comments, external calls will be unmuted and additional direction will be given at that time.

Via computer/smartphone/tablet:

If you have a computer/smartphone/tablet and an Internet connection you can join via Microsoft Teams.

Follow this link to the meeting as early as 15 minutes before the meeting starts. It will open in a browser. You can choose to follow the instructions on that webpage to install the Teams app or join from the browser.

Once you are in the meeting, please mute your microphone.  Please keep mic muted until the Hearing Examiner opens the period for public comments.  If you do not have a headset with microphone, or are unsure if your computer has an integrated microphone, you may also call in using the conference call line and enter the ID# of the meeting.

Hearing Examiner Staff Report

and Exhibits

  1. Exhibit 01, Staff Report
  2. Exhibit 02, Project Site Summary
  3. Exhibit 03, 2008 Agreed Order
  4. Exhibit 04, 1st Amendment
  5. Exhibit 05, Port Issued MDNS
  6. Exhibit 06, 2nd Amendment
  7. Exhibit 07, HPA Permit
  8. Exhibit 08, Plan Set
  9. Exhibit 09, Habitat Assessment
  10. Exhibit 10, Landscape Modification
  11. Exhibit 11, Notice of Application, SEPA Public Hearing
  12. Exhibit 12, Affidavit of Posting
  13. Exhibit 13, Affidavit of Publication
  14. Exhibit 14, Notice of DNS
  15. Exhibit 15, Affidavit of Publication 2
  16. Exhibit 16a, Sno Co Department of Emergency Management
  17. Exhibit 16b, PW Review
  18. Exhibit 16c, Tribes
  19. Exhibit 16d, PUD Comments
  20. Exhibit 16e, Fire Review
  21. Exhibit 16f, MC
  22. Exhibit 16g, MC
  23. Exhibit 16h, DP
  24. Exhibit 16i, CH
  25. Exhibit 16j, BB
  26. Exhibit 16k, CW
  27. Exhibit 16l, MD
  28. Exhibit 16m, SF
  29. Exhibit 16n, JF
  30. Exhibit 16o, DE
  31. Exhibit 16p, ES
  32. Exhibit 16q, BK
  33. Exhibit 16r, JM
  34. Exhibit 16s, MC
  35. Exhibit 16t, MC
  36. Exhibit 16u, JL
  37. Exhibit 16v, MC
  38. Exhibit 16w, PR
  39. Exhibit 16x, SF
  40. Exhibit 16y, DK
  41. Exhibit 17, Info for Developer
  42. Exhibit 18, Building Height Analysis
  43. Exhibit 19, LOMA
  44. Exhibit 20, Biological Assessment
  45. Exhibit 21, Restoration Plan
  46. Exhibit 22, USACE Memo for Record
  47. Exhibit 23, 2003 Shoreline Public Access Plan Image
  48. Exhibit 24, Application
  49. Exhibit 25, Request for Project Review
  50. Exhibit 26, SEPA Checklist
  51. Exhibit 27, Restoration Design Criteria
  52. Exhibit 28, Notice of Incomplete Application
  53. Exhibit 29, Notice of Complete Application
  54. Exhibit 30, JARPA
  55. Exhibit 31, Preliminary Storm Drainage Report
  56. Exhibit 32, Tidal Hydraulics Study
  57. Exhibit 33, Traffic Impact Analysis
  58. Exhibit 34, CondUse-Cmmnts