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The City values your input and contributions to this initiative. Gauging our community’s feedback through engagement is an important component of the Rethink Zoning public outreach strategy. Read our updated public participation plan for Rethink Zoning hereScroll down to read public comments on Rethink Zoning.

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Planning Commission meetings

The Planning commission meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at Historic City Hall (3002 Wetmore Ave.). Briefings and workshops are held on Rethink Zoning on a frequent basis. All meetings are open to the public and you can provide input at those meetings. Everyone is welcome to attend. Due to COVID-19, the regular meeting schedule of the Planning Commission has changed. See the Planning Commission’s web page for updates and meeting details:

City Council meetings

The City Council meets each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., except the fourth Wednesday of the month when they meet at 12:30 p.m. Due to COVID-19, the regular meeting schedule of the City Council has changed. Visit the City Council’s web page for updates and meeting details:

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Response to Public Comments

Planning staff prepared responses to public comments received through October 14, 2020. Click here to see those responses. 

Public Comment Tracker

Comments Date
Mohammad 11-4-20
Master Builders 11-4-20
Koenig 11-2-20
Soine 10-6-20
Cunningham (project review) 10-6-20
Koenig 10-5-20
Hokanson (general-climate change) 9-30-20
Weber (general) 9-28-20
Forterra (general) 9-9-20
Busteed (walkable) 9-9-20
Everett School District 9-8-20
Mukilteo School District 9-8-20
Fox (public notice changes) 9-2-20
Hall (historic resources) 9-1-20
Koenig 9-1-20
Wolken (Use Tables - "Benson" property) 9-2-20
Cunningham (Use Tables) 8-30-20
Mohammad (parking, open space, micro units) 8-29-20
Port of Everett (landscaping in HI) 8-24-20
Di Filippo (several topics) 8-24-20
Shepherd, Madeline (density in NW nghd) 8-17-20
Shepherd (process) 8-17-20
Soine (historic - heights) 8-15-20
Cunningham (several topics) 8-14-20
Koenig (several topics) 8-12-20
Taylor (Marine View - Heavy Industrial) 8-12-20
Choi-Lee (1413 & 1409 Marine View Dr) 8-5-20
Raval (Multifamily on Hollow Dale Dr.) 7-31-20
Lindstrom (W Mall Drive - single family use) 7-29-20
Chan (duplex in R-2) 7-28-20
Shockey (private schools) 7-22-20
Bailey (fire & bldg materials) 7-17-20
Wolken (railway) 7-15-20
Wolken (railway-compost-recycling) 7-14-20
Benson (process-Norton-Grand) 7-7-20
Di Filippo (housing-racial equity) 7-6-20
Ferrell (industrial - Snohomish River) 7-1-20
Port of Everett (Ch. 17) 6-16-20
Hokanson (Ch. 33 - streets, sidewalks, trees) 6-16-20
E. Koenig (process-Title 15) 6-16-20
Bartanen (process) 6-16-20
Naval Station Everett (Ch. 17) 6-15-20
Harker (focus on poor and people of color) 6-8-20
Peverly (Title 15 procedures) 6-3-20
Ries (process) 6-3-20
Satti-Hewat (process) 6-3-20
Ismail Mohammad (DADU - AADU) 6-2-20
Andrea Tucker (process) 6-2-20
Dave Koenig (letter to Mayor & Council) 5-31-20
Bruce Fingarson (Kromer Ave Heights) 3-11-20
Open House Comments 2-27-20
Open House Residential Character Comments 2-27-20
Dave Koenig (heights) 1-17-20
Reid Shockey (ADUs) 1-2-20
Dave Koenig (various subjects) 8-26-19