Rethink Zoning maps

The following are maps being discussed as part of Rethink Zoning:

The draft Rethink Zoning maps can also be viewed in an online viewer. Click below to open the map. 

Google Chrome or Internet Explorer work best for this map. The map will show currently adopted zones on the left, and draft zones on the right. Drag the slider bar left or right to compare current and draft zones. Zoom in to show parcels, buildings, addresses and street designations. Scroll down the legend to see the entire list. Click on the left or right window to see the current or draft zones.  Click here for a short video tutorial about how to use the interactive map. 

View the zoning map
View the document library

Map Everett online map viewer

Map Everett includes everything from recreational areas such as bike trails, walking paths and community parks, to information regarding utilities, zoning and property boundaries, and much more. Click here to launch Map Everett.

If you have further questions, comments, or have suggestions for what you would like to see on the Everett map, please let us know.

Archive zoning and land use maps


Zoning 36x52

Base map with zone boundaries

Effective Date: 9/19/18 - 11/23/20

ZONING_WALL_MAP_OVERLAY_36x52 Opens in new window

Zoning with Overlays

Base map with zone boundaries and overlays

Effective Date: 9/19/18 - 11/23/20

LAND USE WALL MAP Opens in new windowLand use

Base map with land use boundaries

Effective Date: 4/26/19 - 11/23/20

Metro Everett Land Use Street Designations Opens in new window

Metro Everett street designations and drive through areas

Street designations and drive through areas

Effective Date: 9/19/18 - 11/23/20


Metro Everett building heights

Effective Date: 9/19/18 - 11/23/20


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