Rethink Schedule

COVID-19 update

Due to COVID-19, the City had to revise the expected outcomes and adjust the timelines for the Rethink Zoning initiative. The City is proposing to move forward with multifamily, commercial and industrial zone consolidation, but will table major changes, such as new housing types and heights, in single family zones.

Here are the anticipated steps that will take place:

  • Planning Commission and City Council Briefings -  City staff will complete drafting of the revised Rethink Zoning initiative and brief both the Planning Commission and City Council on revised chapters. This will happen from May through July
  • Public Engagement Prior to Hearings -- At this point, City staff are developing a work plan assuming that public gatherings of more than 10 people will not take place in Everett through this fall. In order to ensure that the public is informed and engaged, the City will be:
    • using this web page to update content as it becomes available;
    • using News Flash to inform people regarding new information or engagement opportunities;
    • gradually opening up new ways to provide input to the Planning Commission and City Council online at their meetings via telephone or computer; and 
    • finding new ways to hold public engagement forums, such as Facebook Live or a Live Event via teleconferencing options. 

We encourage the public to send their comments via email. You can reach us at planning@everettwa.gov. Your emails will be reviewed by City staff and passed along to decision-makers. 

  • Draft Amendments -- after the public briefings are completed and initial input received from the public, City staff will publish a set of proposed amendments to the City’s development codes and comprehensive plan. We are tentatively scheduling July 21 for a final briefing before the Planning Commission, after which the amendments will be available for public review and comment well in advance of a public hearing.
  • Public Hearings and Action  -- Public hearings are tentatively scheduled before the Planning Commission on Aug. 18, with their recommendation to the City Council scheduled for Sept. 8. The City Council will hold additional briefings and schedule their own public hearing, with a target to adopt amendments by the end of October.
  • Future Actions -- Some of the work that the City was intending to do for Rethink Zoning, such as additional housing types in single-family zones, has been drafted and can be picked up at a later date. Whether this happens in 2021 or later, such as when the City must review and update its comprehensive plan in 2024, will be determined at a later date.