Rethink Schedule

The Rethink Zoning initiative will be done in two steps. 

  • Step 1 - The initial step, through the end of 2020, is focused on how to simplify the City's development codes. This step will also explore adding new housing types in single family zones, new standards for commercial, industrial and multifamily development, and new approaches to regulating building height and transitions to residential zones.
        Step 1 will also include a detailed environmental impact statement (EIS) under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) of the impacts that these changes might have on the environment, plus any potential impacts that might be considered in step 2. 
  • Step 2 -- the second step (Phase 4 on the timeline above) is tied to the city's required Growth Management Act (GMA) update due in 2023. This update will require that the City accommodate an additional 66,500 residents and 70,000 employees by 2043. The EIS in step 1 will focus on how these additional residents and employees might be accommodated around frequent transit routes and nodes, and future light rail stations.