Sewer O Utility Project

This project, located in the Port Gardner neighborhood, will replace 100 plus-year-old sewer pipes and increase capacity. Additional improvements include replacing cast iron watermains and street illumination wiring systems.

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Sewer “O” Utility Upgrades project will replace and upsize existing sewers to address pipe condition and capacity issues. Existing drainage structures in the right of way will be replaced and reconnected to the new main.

Aging cast iron watermains installed in 1958 are prone to breaks and will be replaced on Colby Ave between 37th and 40th. Street illumination wiring and telemetry conduit will be replaced. Restoration will include trench patch, half width street pavement overlay of the east side of Colby Avenue, ADA curb ramp upgrades at intersections and replacement of sidewalk both sides of the street. Alleys will be repaved full width after trenches are backfilled.