Rethink Zoning Library

Zoning and Development Code

You can find the latest draft code chapters presented to the City’s Planning Commission or City Council below. 

Chapter SummaryDraft CodeAssociated MapsLast Updated
Chapter 5, UsesZoning Map
Street Designation Map
On-line Interactive Map
Ch. 6 (Lot & Bldg Placement) SummaryChapter 6, Lot and Building Placementn/a
Ch. 8 (Residential Standards) SummaryChapter 8, Residential Standardsn/a05/21/20
Ch. 9 (Multifamily) SummaryChapter 9, Multifamily Standardsn/a05/12/20
Ch. 12 (Bldg Form) SummaryChapter 12, Building Form & Designn/a05/12/20
Ch. 13 (Specific Uses) SummaryChapter 13, Specific UsesAdult Retail
Drive Through Areas
Ch. 22 (Heights) SummaryChapter 22, HeightsHeights (8 1/2" x 11")
Heights (24" x 36")
Industrial Waterfront Heights
Ch. 24-27 (Land Division) SummaryChapters 24-27, Land Divisionn/a05/15/20
Ch. 28 (Historic) SummaryChapter 28, Historic ResourcesNorton Grand Historic Overlay
Riverside Historic Overlay
Rucker Grand Historic Overlay
Ch. 30 (Flood) SummaryChapter 30, Flood Damage PreventionFEMA Flood Mapping Products05/29/20
Ch. 34 (Parking) SummaryChapter 34, Off-Street Parking (Partial Amendment)Metro Everett Parking (8 1/2" x 11")
Metro Everett Parking (24"x 36")
Ch. 38, (Nonconformities) SummaryChapter 38, Nonconformitiesn/a05/29/20
Ch. 41 (General Requirements) SummaryChapter 41, General Requirements and Authorityn/a05/29/20

Local Project Review Procedures

Title 15 of the Everett Municipal Code addresses the procedures for review of land use applications. Originally adopted in 1996 and updated in 2001, the procedures have been redone to make them easier to follow. Changes to existing procedures are identified in the Title 15 Summary document.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Rethink Zoning is not intended as a revision or major update to the comprehensive plan. Some minor changes to the Land Use Designation map and other parts of the Comprehensive Plan are still necessary. Here are the amendments being considered:

Plan AmendmentAssociated MapsLast Updated
Chapter 4,  Plan Guidance for Amending Zoning District Mapn/a1-14-20
Chapter 4, Land Use Map ChangesLand Use Map5-19-20

Background Documents

The following documents have been presented to the Planning Commission and/or City Council

Rethink Zoning Maps

Rethink Zoning Toolkit

Rethink Environmental Review