Safe Streets Programs

Clare’s Place

A supportive housing project for 65 chronically homeless individuals with 24/7 on-site support and security. It was developed in partnership with Catholic Housing Services as part of the Safe Streets Plan. The City sold the property upon which it sits to the CHS in 2017 in exchange for their agreement to build and operate supportive housing according to conditions outlined by the City. Openings will be filled through Coordinate Entry access by calling 2-1-1. 

For more information click here - Clare’s Place

COET - Community Outreach and Enforcement Team

Police Officers paired with social workers who provide outreach to individuals experiencing homelessness and addiction in the City of Everett.

Learn more about COET.

Encampment Response

The City operates a multi-departmental team that responds to encampments on public property. The city coordinates outreach and clean-up efforts to promote safety for all community members. 

To report an encampment, email

For encampments on private property, please call the police non-emergency number at 425-407-3999

Treatments and Services

Beginning in 2018, the City began a unique partnership with local treatment providers to address gaps in services. The goal is to provide “treatment without delay” for individuals with substance-use disorder. Through partnerships with providers, the Diversion Center, and the Carnegie Resource Center, we have made huge strides in getting treatment without delay. 

If you or someone you know needs help with substance use disorder, you can find out more information about treatment here:

Naloxone is a drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. As part of the Safe Streets Plan, the City has expanded access to naloxone to certain City staff. In addition to police and fire, staff from Parks and Community Services, Transit, and the Library are trained to carry naloxone. 

To learn more about Naloxone and where to find it, go to

Give Responsibly

Everett is a charitable community. If you are looking for ways to support those in need, you can find out ways to do that here - Get Involved/Donate

If you would like to directly support the Safe Streets programs, the best way to do that is to donate to the City’s SAFE STREETS Flex Fund. This fund helps address basic needs of individuals working with C.O.E.T.’s police embedded social workers while getting into treatment or housing.