Other Interactive Maps

Rethink Zoning Interactive Map

Interactive web map to see current and draft zoning 

Everett Traffic Cameras

Link to a map of live traffic cameras

Crime Map (outside link)

Link to interactive Nexus Lexus Community Crime Map

US Department of Housing and Urban Development GIS Storefront

A collection of geospatial datasets, web based mapping tools, and application programming interfaces (API’s).


Use to identify community needs through current grant activities, local housing market data, and other sources. Source: HUD

EPA’s Environmental Justice Screening Mapping Tool

EJSCREEN is an environmental justice mapping and screening tool that provides EPA with a nationally consistent dataset and approach for combining environmental and demographic indicators. Source: EPA

Washington Schools Explorer Application

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) provides this application to access basic location and other information regarding schools, school districts, and related features.

Washington Hometown

Washington State has a wealth of recreation and cultural resources. Washington Hometown has solved that problem by creating a consolidated set of recreation and cultural information that can be used for maps, apps and analysis.