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All maps are formatted for 11x17 unless noted and will open in a new tab

Basemap Opens in new window

Base Map

Streets, boundaries, parks, police precincts, fire stations, and schools

Neighborhoods Opens in new window

Neighborhood Maps

ZONING WALL MAP Opens in new windowZoning 36x52

Base map with zone boundaries

ZONING_WALL_MAP_OVERLAY_36x52 Opens in new window

Zoning with Overlays 36x52

Base map with zone boundaries and overlays

LAND USE WALL MAP Opens in new windowLand Use 36x60

Base map with land use boundaries

CityStreet_24x36 Opens in new windowStreet Index 24x36

Street Index 36x60

City Property & Facilities Opens in new windowCity Owned Property & Facilities 36x60

Metro Everett Land Use Street Designations Opens in new windowMetro Everett Street Designations and Drive Through Areas

Metro Building HeightMetro Everett Building Heights

Annexations Opens in new window

Annexations 36x52

Base map with annexation boundaries

Sewer1000_36x60 Opens in new windowSewer Collection 36x60

Drainage1000 Opens in new windowDrainage Collection 36x60

Drainage Basins 11x17

Drainage Basins & Watersheds 36x60

CityIndex1000_36x60 Opens in new windowCity Index 36x60

Streets, Section, Township & Range

Water1000_36x60 Opens in new windowWater Distribution 36x60

CitySidewalk_24x36 Opens in new window

City Sidewalks 24x36

Snow Plowing Routes Opens in new windowSnow Plow Routes 36x60

Layout 24x36 Opens in new windowShoreline Jurisdiction 24x36

Properties_Overlays_24x36 Opens in new window

Historic Properties 24x36

Location, overlays, and districts

Parks and Trails Opens in new windowParks and Trails

Boundaries and Routes

Bike Trails Opens in new windowBike Routes 36x60

Retail Marijuana Opens in new window

Approved Marijuana Retail Locations

SmelterSite Opens in new window

Everett Smelter Site

Boundary of area affected by former smelter

Sculpture Map Opens in new window

Art & Sculptures

Check out the art in Everett

Critical Areas

Landslide, erosion, seismic hazards, wildlife conservation

Transit ServiceTransit System Map Opens in new window

Everett Transit bus stops and routes